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The first lesson that the stark, febrile Welsh-language horror movie The Feast teaches is to never, ever, build a modernist mansion in the woods next to a haunted hill. It’s a question one should ask realtors, in general. “Is there an ancient power slumbering nearby that, if awoken, would force…

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So I’ve been self-medicating with episodes of The Sopranos and rewatched the second to last one. It’s the final appearance of Lorraine Bracco’s stoic Dr. Melfi. After six seasons, Tony Soprano’s therapist finally realizes she cannot help her patient, the New Jersey mob boss.

In the penultimate episode, Dr. Melfi…

Chris and former Governor Andrew Cuomo
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“Blood is thicker than water.” That phrase dates back to the 12th century and it’s still pretty popular. In fact, I just read a bunch of tweets from successful men who argued, publicly, that they would come to a sibling's aide, even if that sibling was accused of committing sex…

Photo: ‘Into The Woods,’ original Broadway cast

When I was 14 years old my little brother got sick and we didn’t know if he was going to get better. He did, but for a few weeks, I wasn’t sure of anything. My parents whispered in the kitchen after they made sure I was distracted, either playing video…

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