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The World Would Be A More Fabulous Place If Drag Were Contagious

But it isn’t, my dudes. Which is too bad…


I am a straight cis man who is also a devout follower of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I am not a drag queen, but if I were, my name would be ‘John DezVous.’

No one asked, but here’s a short list of my five favorite queens from Drag Race: At number five, Miss Vanjie, the meme queen. She is quirky and sassy, an absolute, snarling original. Jinx Monsoon is my fourth most beloved, her hilarious impersonation of Little Edie from the cult documentary Grey Gardens in ‘Snatch Game,’ a character-driven game show parody that is the highlight of every Drag Race season, is legendary.

Next up: Yvie Oddly, the glamorous goth weirdo. Coming in second is Bob The Drag Queen, serving comedic coolness, and my number one favorite queen is Sasha Velour, performance artist fashion alien, a legit genius who I’ve had the pleasure of seeing live on stage once.

There are others, too. I change my mind all the time. Shea Couleé and BenDeLeCreme, and Bianca Del Rio. I would be happy for any of them to attend my funeral, sing a few torch songs, and then read my corpse for filth.

I like to think about the future sometimes.

I know RuPaul’s Drag Race isn’t for me, per se. I’m a cishet dude who is not starved for TV shows built to please folks like me. Have you seen Jack Reacher? It rules.

But that doesn’t mean Ru and her advertisers aren’t happy to have my attention, it just means I am polite and respectful when watching the queens cackle and groove and work it. Drag is a cherished part of LGBTQ culture, and I’m a guest — although Drag Race did recently cast its first cisgender heterosexual man.

(I would kvell if RuPaul ever wished me “condragulations.” Hey, a guy can dream.)

Since it premiered in 2009, the question “who can do drag?” has been asked repeatedly, and RuPaul’s answer has been “everybody.” Drag Race has become a global phenomenon. There are thousands of drag queens and drag kings performing their own unique and sometimes outrageous interpretations of gender worldwide. Gender is a show, after all.



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