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The Marketplace Of Prejudices

A few thoughts on Chappelle, Netflix, and free speech


Dave Chappelle repeats himself in his new stand-up Netflix comedy special “Dreamers.” I’m not linking to it, but it’s easy enough to find if you’re interested. He remains a wealthy celebrity who does not like transgender people; he mocked them in his last streaming special, and the current one is no different.

This is capitalism. Give ’em what they want so long as they pay.

His fans love it when he makes fun of anyone trying to live their lives with a bit of dignity, people who don’t wield tremendous, or even minuscule, amounts of power, but none of that matters. The mere existence of trans folks and their sincere insistence that they are treated equally enrages a certain kind of 21st Century American, the sort of person Chappelle is unlikely to interact with daily since he’s a professional V.I.P. who never has to wait in line for anything.

You likely know the type: quick to anger, even quicker to feel sorry for themself. They usually have a comfortable couch and spend their days lost inside screens. The only things these people and Dave Chappelle have in common are the things they fear and the hate that grows on that fear, like E. Coli flourishing on…



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