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Scenes From Quarantine

9 weeks in 2020. 12 essays. Covid-19.

John DeVore
76 min readDec 20, 2021


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Prologue: December 19th, 2021

When I first heard this joke, it was about a Jewish man and kugel. But then I recently read this version in a messageboard:

A man in Mexico was on his deathbed when he suddenly smelled tamales. His favorite food. He flung himself out of bed and dragged himself to the kitchen where he saw his wife busy cooking. With his last bit of strength, he reached for a tamale and his hand was immediately smacked with a wooden spoon.

“Those are for the funeral.”

I laughed. It spoke to me.

A few days ago, I dragged myself to a clinic to get a COVID-19 test. The line stretched around the block, and it took almost three hours. Afterward, I emotionally ate two slices of pizza, one right after the other. On the street. Both pepperoni. There will be free pizza at my funeral. And tamales. Kugel, too. This essay is legally binding.

It’s been almost two years since the highly-contagious coronavirus was first…



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