Oh Leon. I don’t want you to ever respond to anything I’ve written if you’re going to use The Daily Wire as your source. The Daily Wire is partisan clickbait. I’m sorry. I know this business. They have no ethical guidelines. No fact-checking. There are no internal repercussions if they publish something incorrect or dishonest. Media gets it wrong but is honor-bound to correct those errors. The Daily Wire does not champion truth. They make money selling emotionally-charged political fictions to morally simplistic fanatics like you.

Also: Auschwitz was Auschwitz for babies, toddlers, children, men, and women. You shouldn’t twist the actual horrors of history to fit your fantasies.

But it’s ironic you resort to absurd fascist comparisons since your hearts deepest desire is to force women to give birth at gunpoint.

Written by

Editor, Humungus. I won two James Beard Awards once for an essay about Taco Bell. Let’s be friends.

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