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“Newspapers Are Tech Companies!”

And other realizations about media


Cufflinks. I remember he wore gold cufflinks, a light grey suit, a crisp white shirt, and a dark blue tie. And cufflinks, shiny, new, securing stiff French-style cuffs.

This wasn’t quite ten years ago. Almost.

I struggled to recall the last time I had seen cufflinks up close. He looked sharp, that was certain. Fit. Salt and pepper hair slicked back. I don’t know what kind of cologne he wore, but he smelled faintly of Christmas trees and vermouth. I gave his handshake a mental five stars out of five: firm but tender, like a medium rare steak.

This was a costume. Everyone wears a costume. His was a tailored suit that draped off his body like ballroom curtains. He was a man in charge.

I wore a hoodie and jeans, the uniform of anyone who worked online. I was a journalist who took a job in journalism that wasn't journalism. The most crucial word in that sentence was "job," I needed one, and I was more than happy to do whatever was paying.

The newspaper had hired me to write and produce short videos for social media, and he was in charge of all the print advertising. His smile was genuine. A few days before, he emailed to ask me to lunch…



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