My Response To The New Yorker’s Response To My Viral Tweet About Bagels

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John DeVore
8 min readMay 2, 2024


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This past weekend, I received the following random text from a friend: “LOL, you’ve made it.” For a brief moment, I thought, “Finally.”

False alarm.

An article in The New Yorker quoted a Tweet/post/whatever they're called now that I wrote on Twitter/X that I immediately regretted publishing. I regret every post I’ve ever written on Twitter/X, all 70,000. Only this post went viral. It was viewed over one million times—a modern-day curse.

Well, there you go. Look, Mom, I’m mentioned in the pages of America’s most respected literary magazine.

The author of The New Yorker piece, Hannah Goldfield, was, let’s say, inspired by my Tweet/post, which was a joke I had written minutes after a rare 4.8 earthquake in New York City back in March, not that I needed to mention I wrote it in minutes because it’s apparent that the joke was not labored over. You’ll get my meaning once you read it.

Here is the The New Yorker lede in question, which includes a reference to my work on social media:

“A few weeks ago, after a rare earthquake in New Jersey sent tremors through New York…



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