I don't normally comment here. I mean, for the most part, readers contribute to what I write in positive ways. And then there are the angry dudes who shout at me. They're cute.

But this is a truly ignorant comment. The precious literature of today was once vibrant pop culture. Do you think Moby Dick, for instance, was a worshipped tome? No. It's a hilariously insane existential action movie. Have you ever read classic Greek comedy? They're mostly full of penis jokes, but also exuberant celebrations of life.

Humans look for meaning in the culture they produce. This was true when our ancestors drew on cave walls and it's true now. We produce geniuses like Mozart but we also produce silly little entertainments with lessons. We always have.

Pulp, jingles, memes. Humans express the burden and joys of life in so many ways.

Writer/editor. NYPost, CONAN, Sirius XM. 2X James Beard Award winner. I created Humungus, a blog about movies, tv & feelings.

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